In the past two years, without borders on mobile phones become a lot of words. And as early as in 2014, sharp has launched the world’s first without borders mobile: sharp 305 sh.

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Recent CEATEC JAPAN 2016, sharp and demonstrated the new design more playing god “true, without borders” phones – Corner R. Can be seen from the name this kind of mobile phone’s main selling point or special, rounded Corner R adopted surface screen, so that the whole mobile phone after light up like a pebble!

The Corner R concept phone use sharp Free Form Display concept, screen USES the IGZO Display technology, about 5.2 inch size, to achieve Full HD resolution (1080 x 1920), and with no border technology, Display effect is striking.

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft on Tuesday launched a new function machine – the nokia 216, with 24 days standby time, $29.

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Nokia 216 in terms of appearance and before plate rolls and indifference, equipped with T9 keyboard, body size is 118 * 50.2 * 50.2 mm, weighs only 82.6 g, equipped with a 2.4 -inch display, 16 MB of memory, the highest support 32 gb SD card extension, front and rear cameras are 300000 pixels, the built-in 1020 mah battery capacity, only support 2 g network, provide black, white, and blue three colors are optional.

Now released the iPhone 7 days more and more close, and now there is a new message about the iPhone 7, this time the news from China Taiwan kgi securities.

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According to 9 to5mac said kgi securities issued a new report, the report involves much before we did not see the news about the iPhone 7. First of all, the iPhone 7 carry leaped A10 will reach 2.4 GHz, which is better than the iPhone 6 s A9 processors are much higher 1.8 GHz, even than the Pro A9X processor is 2.26 GHz.

At the same time, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus version will have three different capacity, respectively is a 32 gb / 128 gb / 256 gb, at the same time provide five different colors. In addition to the traditional silver, champagne gold, rose gold, will also increase the pure black and shiny black two black version. Shiny black will for high capacity exclusively for iPhone 7 Plus model, on which the gray space, will be cancelled.

In addition, the iPhone 7 Plus will be equipped with 3 gb of RAM, and small size of the iPhone 7 is like the iPhone 6s is still 2 gb of RAM. At the same time, the iPhone 7 Plus camera is superior to the iPhone 7, will use 12 million pixels dual cameras configuration, single camera and iPhone 7 is 12 million pixels. 7 Plus the iPhone will also have the function such as optical zoom and OIS, and there is some mysterious light field camera similar functionality. It is interesting to note that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be equipped with four LED flash to improve the ability of shooting in low light environment.

Screen, the iPhone 7/7 Plus combination will be combined with the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus basic consistent, only will draw lessons from some using the techniques on the Pro 9.7 inches, so will a slight increase in the range of colors.

Also reported that apple will upgrade the iPhone 7 built-in distance sensor, besides can improve identification distance and more responsive, new sensor also supports gesture, user waved to have the corresponding operation. In addition the iPhone 7 would be equipped with a new sensor to improve the depth of the application of 3D Touch.

Finally, iPhone 7 series will have IPX7 waterproof level, and Apple the same Watch, so the user can use in 1 meters deep underwater 30 minutes there is no problem. And the iPhone 7/7 Plus will also cancel the 3.5 mm headphone jack, and to provide users with 20 interface EarPods headphones and turn from 3.5 mm interface adapter.

The watch brand Fossil has just released its new Q series smart watches, Q Nate, Q Crewmaster, Q Gazer and Q Tailor. All four smart watch will be listed on the later this month, the price of $175.

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The four watch in appearance looks with ordinary watch not big difference, but the Fossil is equipped with enhanced connection properties, including sleep monitor, notifications, filtering, vibration and photograph for smart phones and music control, and other functions.

In addition, four smart watch battery life is about 6 months, and USES the button battery design, very easy to replace. These four new product through bluetooth connection at the same time, and compatible with Google, UA Record, the Fit of the Jawbone UP and Apple Health, etc., and support for custom function of time.

Systems, four new product support iOS 8.2 smartphones and Android 4.4 above system, and provides users with silica gel, leather and stainless steel and other material of the strap.

It is reported, this four Fossil Q series smart watch will launch on September 26, up $175, on September 14 began to accept reservations.

For this user, now want to unlock this method only two, either enter Google account password, or use paired phones to authenticate unlock, but according to media reports, this is the third by PIN to unlock.

Recently, the Google developers Francois Beaufort in Google + announced the tutorials, said only need to enter a code chrome: / / flags / # quick – unlock – pin, and then restart the chrome, in chrome Material after the Design of the screen unlock Settings selected in pin to unlock the way.

Francois Beaufort said that although the function is still in experimental stage, but I’m still going to users.

According to the OMG!!! Chrome web site reported that the function belongs to the latest version of the Canary Build upgrades, one of the four digit PIN can be used in place of the Google account password. But PIN unlock only apply to the lock screen, start this still have to use Google account password.

Early last year to give samsung Gear S2 message and ultimately a proven SamMobile website today revealed some information about the Gear S3, called the smart watch will continue rotating dial design, will debut in September of this year’s IFA 2016.

Can rotate circular dial Gear S2 design is unique, under the premise of creative operation combined with fashion, obtained fairly high praise.

On the basis of S2, what Gear S3 bring us a surprise.

Recently, foreign media news, said LG will be officially launched in September of this year’s IFA conference LG V10’s successor, and the successor will be named the LG V20 or LG V11. If no accident, LG will use auxiliary screen on the successor, and will add some new functions for it.

Although the configuration, there is no news, according to foreign media speculation, this new handsets are also expected to have a Quad HD screens and a 2.1 -inch small screen. If the release time to forecast accurately, the phone will be face to face with samsung Note7.

Motorola XT1254 (DROID Turbo) has received a new certification from the wi-fi alliance, but we still found other interesting information. Authentication information display of the device running the Android 6.0 operating system, rather than the Android 5.1. This may mean that users of the long-awaited Marshmallow upgrade is coming.

The DROID Turbo is Motorola a phone, released in late 2014 of pre-loaded is Android 4.4.4 operating system. About a year ago, the device and the Android 5.1 upgrade. And now, Motorola’s apparent plan to upgrade it to a Marshmallow. This means that the new system will be the DROID Turbo brings a series of new features, including Doze of range optimization function. Considering the battery capacity of the equipment itself is as high as 3900 mah, the arrival of the Doze or will further extend its battery life.

Unfortunately, this upgrade is available when it is not clear.

According to foreign media reports, although not completely said in Google company is a good thing, it has been earlier this year by former Google employees worked in the site explains, but there is no denying the fact that the company offers benefits in the industry is almost nobody can the enemy. The Garage is one of The coolest welfare, when The worker to realize their ideas can come to this place The Garage is Google began within The company in 2008, it was “20% of The free time” for employees.

In 2012, Google specifically for The Garage to vacate a space and some necessary tools in The inside. Now, in addition to The basic computer, The in The Garage and 3 d printers, sewing machines, CNC milling machine and other equipment. And in The Garage manager Chris DiBona with journalists around The center even something he doesn’t know when, can be seen here frequently update your equipment.

Though some of The Google company machinery factory are open for only a few authorized employees, but The Garage is different, it welcomes The arrival of all employees. The company often will hold some activities here, such as “sprint”, namely, within the prescribed period of time to build a can solve the problem of target products.

LG announced X series smartphone, direct against the mainstream smartphone market. The four new product including LG X power/X mach/X style and X Max smartphone.

LG has launched before two X series smartphones, they are X cam and X screen smart phone. LG electronics said the four smartphone new products will be listed on the worldwide later this month.

There is currently no revealed new x-series smartphones LG more details, including the launch date and retail prices.