For this user, now want to unlock this method only two, either enter Google account password, or use paired phones to authenticate unlock, but according to media reports, this is the third by PIN to unlock.

Recently, the Google developers Francois Beaufort in Google + announced the tutorials, said only need to enter a code chrome: / / flags / # quick – unlock – pin, and then restart the chrome, in chrome Material after the Design of the screen unlock Settings selected in pin to unlock the way.

Francois Beaufort said that although the function is still in experimental stage, but I’m still going to users.

According to the OMG!!! Chrome web site reported that the function belongs to the latest version of the Canary Build upgrades, one of the four digit PIN can be used in place of the Google account password. But PIN unlock only apply to the lock screen, start this still have to use Google account password.

Early last year to give samsung Gear S2 message and ultimately a proven SamMobile website today revealed some information about the Gear S3, called the smart watch will continue rotating dial design, will debut in September of this year’s IFA 2016.

Can rotate circular dial Gear S2 design is unique, under the premise of creative operation combined with fashion, obtained fairly high praise.

On the basis of S2, what Gear S3 bring us a surprise.

Recently, foreign media news, said LG will be officially launched in September of this year’s IFA conference LG V10’s successor, and the successor will be named the LG V20 or LG V11. If no accident, LG will use auxiliary screen on the successor, and will add some new functions for it.

Although the configuration, there is no news, according to foreign media speculation, this new handsets are also expected to have a Quad HD screens and a 2.1 -inch small screen. If the release time to forecast accurately, the phone will be face to face with samsung Note7.

Motorola XT1254 (DROID Turbo) has received a new certification from the wi-fi alliance, but we still found other interesting information. Authentication information display of the device running the Android 6.0 operating system, rather than the Android 5.1. This may mean that users of the long-awaited Marshmallow upgrade is coming.

The DROID Turbo is Motorola a phone, released in late 2014 of pre-loaded is Android 4.4.4 operating system. About a year ago, the device and the Android 5.1 upgrade. And now, Motorola’s apparent plan to upgrade it to a Marshmallow. This means that the new system will be the DROID Turbo brings a series of new features, including Doze of range optimization function. Considering the battery capacity of the equipment itself is as high as 3900 mah, the arrival of the Doze or will further extend its battery life.

Unfortunately, this upgrade is available when it is not clear.

According to foreign media reports, although not completely said in Google company is a good thing, it has been earlier this year by former Google employees worked in the site explains, but there is no denying the fact that the company offers benefits in the industry is almost nobody can the enemy. The Garage is one of The coolest welfare, when The worker to realize their ideas can come to this place The Garage is Google began within The company in 2008, it was “20% of The free time” for employees.

In 2012, Google specifically for The Garage to vacate a space and some necessary tools in The inside. Now, in addition to The basic computer, The in The Garage and 3 d printers, sewing machines, CNC milling machine and other equipment. And in The Garage manager Chris DiBona with journalists around The center even something he doesn’t know when, can be seen here frequently update your equipment.

Though some of The Google company machinery factory are open for only a few authorized employees, but The Garage is different, it welcomes The arrival of all employees. The company often will hold some activities here, such as “sprint”, namely, within the prescribed period of time to build a can solve the problem of target products.

LG announced X series smartphone, direct against the mainstream smartphone market. The four new product including LG X power/X mach/X style and X Max smartphone.

LG has launched before two X series smartphones, they are X cam and X screen smart phone. LG electronics said the four smartphone new products will be listed on the worldwide later this month.

There is currently no revealed new x-series smartphones LG more details, including the launch date and retail prices.

The latest news shows @ OnLeaks exposes the Samsung Galaxy Note6 / more than 7 detail engineering drawing, also with S7 and Note 5.

According to the contrast details figure, the Samsung Galaxy Note6/7 bilateral curved surface screen design, the reverse side also to have certain radian, the overall design effect is more rounded. Other Samsung Galaxy Note6/7 cameras still is convex, but be controlled within 0.8 mm.

It is reported that Samsung Note 6/7 will use a 5.77 -inch screen, measurements or is 153 * 74.5 * 7.8 mm, compared to Note 5 a 0.2 mm thick.

Samsung’s surface model Galaxy edge series has been on the market success, and their next research focus may be put into flexible and foldable mobile phones. Recently, samsung at the end of last year to apply for a folding mobile phone patent is met with the media exposure.

From the point of patent description, the device with a fingerprint sensor. Its charging interface will appear after two pieces of screen can be folded in half. But as a result, the user cannot view the cell phone while it is charging the screen content, this is clearly a need to solve design problems.

In the past few years, we see the considerable folding smartphone patents, but most of them are too avant-garde design and impractical. The patent of the samsung this time looks like a Galaxy phones for the present. In addition it is important to note that the patent of this phone is actually a certain radian, screen only bend way closer to LG G Flex, rather than the samsung their short-lived Galaxy Round.

Of course, patent related products is not necessarily a real existence, but two days before the OPPO laboratory a true flip phones really eye-opening, its solution and samsung this patent has the same effect. Now don’t know when the real machine OPPO energy production (perhaps a lifetime also can’t mass production), also it is not clear if it is the unique patented technology.

IPhone 7 news almost every day of the new content, the current fact great god OnLeaks released the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus engineering design drawings, we can advance to see them all.

According to the design point of view, iPhone new machine 3.5mm headphone jack disappearance day back line position moved to the top and bottom edges of the bottom of the unilateral opening speaker, iPhone 7 single rear camera, iPhone 7 Plus with dual rear camera, the camera is still outstanding, but no metal ring around the lens, the fuselage has a smart Connector intelligent interface.

Bloomberg news agency has reported that Apple is planning to Apple Music streaming Music service on a major update, making them easier to use. According to them, apple will also be better integrate streaming and download options, and expand radio service.

Although Apple Music had 13 million subscribers, but has been criticized for not intuitive interface, the service functions. Appeared in the first year of this time, don’t gain any AppleMusic important function upgrade, apple basically only bug fixes.

In addition, apple has had to face criticism from Taylor Swift and other artists, and finally changes its not a free trial period pay the artists copyright fee policy. Apple recently invited Taylor Swift took more than Apple Music of advertisement, the new upgrade after the release, they will also be a “lightning marketing”.

Bloomberg news reports also describes and Apple Music related internal conflict. Apple in 2 years ago bought Beats Music, but Beats the President Jimmy Iovine internally at apple aroused some friction. According to the report, Iovine and artist signed your agreement, these are and other employees of the agreement and the independence of the apple. Although Apple Music management structure is very complex, obviously but Iovine reportedly helped Apple and Taylor Swift settled, and obtain the Drake exclusive rights for the new album.

Reported that Apple will be released at the WWDC show in June this year Apple Music new upgrade. Was criticized for apple to enter streaming music service waiting for too long, but the appearance may be launched new features and upgrades, and the best opportunity to change those views.